Warrior Writers 

A Publication on Medium: Developing Warrior Writers One Story at a Time


Editors: JL Harris & KD Murray

When KD Murray and I were deciding on a name for this community of writers, we knew warrior writers was the perfect choice. 

We wanted something strong and fierce, something that encouraged us to grow and to become the solid writers we know we can be.

Surrounding ourselves with an encouraging and supportive community is, I believe, important for every writer. And that’s what Warrior Writers is all about.

Stories matter, and I believe we all have a story to share with the world; in fact, some of us have many stories within us just calling to be written.

Story theory is something I’m passionate about, and I believe it’s important to study and practice the craft of writing so that we can continue to improve upon our skills. It’s a journey, for sure, and if we’re consistent, every day is an opportunity to improve upon our craft!

If we’re willing to practice, study, and put in the work, I have no doubt that we can all become the Warrior Writers we’re destined to be.

So keep an eye out for writing craft articles, short fiction stories, inspiring and encouraging articles, and be prepared to have some fun!

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My goal is for this to be a supportive community of writers who share and learn together, developing Warrior Writers one story at a time!

Now go write!