Want to be More Productive? Filter out Busy Work.

How to filter out busy work and focus more on productive work.


Did you know that true productivity does not mean the ability to get more done faster? Many people think that the more tasks you get done in a day, the more productive you are. But what if those tasks don’t advance your business? What if those tasks don’t take you a step closer to your goals? Is that truly being productive?

True productivity means getting the right things done as efficiently and effectively as possible. What do I mean by right things? I mean the things that will bring us closer to our goals. So much of our day is filled with busy work. Tasks that don’t necessarily achieve results, but because we’re busy doing them, we feel productive. In the end, though, they’ve added no value to our day or our business.

When deciding how to spend your time, you want to ask yourself a few clarifying questions:

  • Will the task I’m about to work on add value to my business?
  • Will the task I’m about to work on drive revenue to my business?
  • Will the task I’m about to work on advance my business in any way?

By filtering nonproductive tasks, or busy work, you’ll be able to focus your efforts on income producing activities that contribute the most to your business. It may sound easy, but what’s actually easy is to get caught up in busy work, not recognizing it for what it is. So before you start working, ask yourself the above questions. If you answer yes, then get to work. If you answer no, then you might want to reevaluate if the task you’re about to tackle is actually necessary to overall mission.

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