From Writing as a Hobby to Creative Entrepreneur

It’s exciting to think of being a writer full time, and making the transition from writing as a hobby to creative entrepreneur is a very big step. But when should you treat your writing as a business? When should you take it seriously and start considering business models, branding, etc.?

If you have a goal of making writing your full time career at some point in the future, you’ll want to begin thinking of your writing as a business early on. That way, you’ll already have your foundation in place when you finally reach the point where you can make the transition.

Below are 5 things to consider when building your creative business:

1. Have clear goals. Decide what your goal is, and do only those things that will bring you closer to it. If something isn’t going to move you in that direction, just say no as it will take precious time away from the things that will help you achieve your objectives.

2. Define your business model. By defining your business model, you will be able to stay focused. There are many distractions and opportunities along the way, but when you have a model in mind, and a clear picture of what it is you want your company to be, you will be easily able to stay on track.

3. Develop your systems and processes. In business (and writing for that matter) there are tasks that need to be attended to daily, weekly, and monthly. You want clear systems and processes in place to better manage your time and juggle the duties of being a creative and an entrepreneur.

4. Build your assets. Everything you create that you plan to sell is an asset. These assets are a source of ongoing income for you and your company. You can do this by writing more books, creating more courses, and selling more products.

5. Take time to learn business skills. It’s hard for most of us to switch our creative brains to a business mindset, but it’s important to learn the ins and outs of running a successful business. Carve some time out of your schedule to learn the basics.

If you find yourself in the early stages of your writing career, it may feel overwhelming at first, but remember there are many people who have been where you are right now. You will find that the writing community is a very helpful and encouraging community, and there is much to be learned from the creative entrepreneurs who blazed the trail ahead of us.

Where are you in your writing journey? What is holding you back from taking your next step? Comment below.