By J.L. Harris & D. Rankin

A heart of gold. A devious mind. In the clutches of a broken relationship, she’ll have to save her own soul.

Jordan has a soft spot for those in need. It’s what made her pursue a career in nursing and look past her fiancé’s troubled psyche. But her positive lease on life is put to the test when her parents die in a tragic accident. Vulnerable and alone, Jordan must cling to the man who stole her heart… and is tightening his grip.

It's far too late when Jordan realizes her fiancé’s dark capacity for hate. As his mind games and emotional abuse spiral out of control, her existence becomes an inescapable terror. But Jordan fears that more than her life is in danger when a repressed childhood memory and an otherworldly sixth sense awakens. As her power manifests, she senses a foul specter gambling with her soul.

If Jordan can’t escape her fiancé’s clutches with her soul intact, she could lose herself forever…

Providence is the otherworldly first installment in this series of supernatural suspense novellas. If you like resilient heroines, action-packed intrigue, and shocking twists, then you’ll love J.L. Harris and D. Rankin’s high-stakes thriller.

Buy Providence to witness one woman's battle for salvation today.

Choices: The Catalyst Series Book 1


Dot has never been able to speak. She's never attended school, never gone on a first date, and most difficult of all she's never had a friend. The only thing Dot has ever known is life on her family's farm. But everything changes when her sister Avey is born and she's forced into a role that challenges her abilities.

For years Dot tries to conceal Avey's scandalous behavior in a misguided attempt to protect her. But when Avey ultimately commits an act beyond all understanding, a determined Dot sacrifices everything that's familiar to follow her from Iowa to Massachusetts. It's there Dot discovers a world full of possibilities she never knew existed.

CHOICES is a novel about a woman who refuses to give up hope - a heartbreaking yet inspiring tale of courage, faith, and the complex nature of relationships.

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